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Kristee, OWNER

Kristee moved from San Francisco to the Ranch in 2004 and fearlessly embraced the learning curve. The goal for Big Dream Ranch has always been to build a homestead, foster a sustainable way to live with nature, and to become more self-sufficient. For the past 15 years she has lived here, it has been her passion project, her "big dream". 

Long days, blisters, and sore muscles just went along with the pure joy of building, mending, creating and growing. What an amazing adventure. She is in awe and full of gratitude for the land, flora and fauna, here in Sonoma County. She learned much...beyond her wildest dreams.


Hilary Price came to Big Dream Ranch in 2015. She had been coming up once a week to help with the gardening. By May 2016, she was here full time and living in the Ranch House. She brought with her an amazing set of skills, and experiences, as she had been a caretaker for a number of properties in Sonoma County. 

Her family has lived here for over 30 years, and she knows everyone. She can fix a motor, make the best compost around, tend gardens, clear a ditch, and nurse a sick goat. She knows this property probably better than anyone. She has been a remarkable person to work with and know. 

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