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The three goats and four sheep are utilized as grazers throughout the property, mainly to reduce fire hazard, as they keep down overgrown brambles, thistles, weeds and fields, while providing abundant fertilizer to the soil. The property is divided into fenced pastures so they can be rotated around when needed.

  • The sheep live in the original Sheep Barn built at the beginning of the 1900s

  • The two black faced sheep are Norfolk

  • The smaller mother and son are Dorper sheep (don't need shearing), and the son has some Barbados Black Belly thrown in 


The three goats are on the property also help keep the grasses and other foliage well trimmed. They are living weedeaters, and will eat any and all plants trimmings, garden goods or orchard fruit thrown over the fence. They also prove to be quite entertaining, as they each have their own personality.

  • The two without ears (the breed), mother and daughter, are La Manchas

  • The other one with floppy ears, is the people loving Nubian

  • They LOVE their Goat Palace!


The beehives insure the garden and orchards plants are well pollinated, encourage the health and productivity of bees in Sonoma County, while providing award-winning honey. The Ranch has had between two and four hives throughout the years.

  • Won 1st place at the Harvest Fair for our Amateur Extracted Honey Wildflower Honey, light type

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