A 3000 sq. ft. barn was built in 1950s, with full concrete perimeter and constructed with wide planked, old growth redwood. Middle third (Workshop) is on a solid concrete pad. North portion has a dirt floor. Former horse stalls south side (Studio) have 3" x 12" wide redwood planks as base flooring. Additional storage space is in back of barn.

  • Roof coated with special reflective sealant in 2004

  • New electrical wiring throughout building

  • New indoor and outdoor lighting installed

  • Glass front doors and stairs installed in 2018


Middle section (Workshop) was completely remodeled in 2018 to create an efficient and organized workshop for projects, with emphasis on wood working. 90% of the stacked wood is from property; old growth redwood, redwood, oak, maple, and bay.

  • New lighting added along south side in 2019

  • Adjustable overhead lighting

  • Large propane heater installed in 2018

  • Additional tools, supplies and materials are marked and categorized on shelving in the north third of barn 


Studio (former horse stall) in south third, was constructed in 2008, including numerous front and side perimeter windows. Currently used as both office, studio and pilates space. Small kitchen and bathroom make this a possible living or guest space. It has both natural and florescent lighting available. Beautiful view on the sheep barns, oaks and pasture.

  • Wide, open, well lit space for studio, office, gym, etc.

  • Bathroom with shower and toilet

  • Stainless steel industrial sink, small refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher

  • Large propane heater heats whole space quickly

  • New durable flooring installed in 2018