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  • Constructed in 2015, 15' x 27', with new concrete pad, insulation, Hardie board and double paned windows

  • Kitchen includes Miele dishwasher, refrigerator, stainless steel counters, professional sink and faucet, air conditioner, along with drain in floor

  • Includes 2 full-size freezers on the outside wall

  • Utilizes propane and electrical with built-in heater in larger space

The "Foodshed" is a 400 sq. ft. 2 room structure, with covered sitting porch, built from ground up to replace very old "Skinning Shed". Built with a commercial type kitchen, plus larger room for storage and projects. Large room has been plumbed to accommodate a future sink, shower and toilet. It could be an office, artists studio, workout room, etc.  A light-filled space with awesome views to the east.

Cannng, Drying and Pressing

Many jars of preserves have been made in the Foodshed. The owner used all the bountiful fruits from the gardens to make gifts and to sell at the farmers market and Olivers stores in Sonoma County. Flowers and vegetables were also stored and prepped here for restaurants like BarnDiva in Healdsburg.

  • The Foodshed houses all preserving equipment, jars, cookers, canning tools, etc.

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