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The area also has an abundance of natural and sufficient water sources, springs and streams, which are vital to the household, vegetation, and wildlife of the area. The north end of the property is bounded by Strawberry Springs, which is known to run year round. Warm Springs runs parallel to Old Skaggs Springs Road, and carries all the rain runoff to Lake Sonoma.


The secondary water source is a new well put in 2021. It pumps up to our 7 tanks above the houses.

  • The original spring, at about 1500 ft. supplies seasonal water to tanks above the Main House

  • Two 1000 gallon tanks collect water from three springs above the Ranch House

  • Infrared water filters were installed in both houses in 2018, to conform to Cottage Food Operation

  • Average rainfall is 30 to 50 inches while 2019 brought 120 inches.


It seemed like an obvious step to install solar, given the goal of trying to be as self-sustainable as possible.The arrangement  of buildings, along with the surrounding hills allowed solar panels to be accessible but nicely hidden. Over 75% of the power is now being supplied by solar and the remaining from PG&E.

  • Added permitted solar panels in 2017

  • Nominal kW DC System Power: 12.180 

  • Numer of Solar Panels: 42

  • Module: Solarworld Sunmodule Plus 29 

  • Panel W Rating (DC): 290

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