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The property is mostly wooded land with streams, springs, and second growth forests. Site topography is primarily steeply sloping, oak and redwood forested hillsides with open meadows and level areas interspersed throughout the site. The immediate acreage surrounding the living compound is primarily moderately sloping open meadow.

On the west side, the high ridge defines the property border. On the east side, Strawberry Creek runs along most of the property line.

Land AND WooD

Big Dream Ranch is the steward of the surrounding forests on the property that include redwood, a variety of oaks, bays, maples and other species of trees. This land was extensively logged in the 1800's and then again when sheep ranchers wanted pasture, not wooded areas. Many of the hardwood trees are blowdowns; either from old age, or disease. The old growth Redwood are called “buckskins”; pieces (commonly 50 to 60 rings an inch) left behind from previous logging. After decades of lying on the forest floor, the bark and sapwood are long gone, but the heartwood is still beautiful.

  • A Sustainable Harvest Permit (NTMP) was added in 2009 which allows harvesting of wood in keeping with a conservation plan set out for the property and it belongs to the property in perpetuity

  • Some of the milled wood from the Ranch has been sold for the construction of one of a kind furniture, living spaces and even guitar bodies

  • Much of the wood is also used around the property for projects like decking, benches, tables and sheds

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